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Tap Tempo

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The Seafoam Pedals Tap Tempo is a tiny, rugged and versatile utility pedal, designed to be last one you’ll ever have to buy. Other tap pedals either have loud hard-switching or make you choose between normally open and normally closed. If you have ever struggled with getting your delay or tremolo right in time, you probably had the wrong type of tap tempo (tapping on the release instead of when your foot hits the switch). This tap tempo is built to last with it’s military-grade footswitch rated at a million cycles, extremely versatile with all three types of tap tempo, and small enough to keep your current and future pedalboards in time!


- Tiny 2x2" size saves valuable pedalboard real-estate
- Military grade soft-touch foot switch rated at 1,000,000 cycles
- All three types of tap tempo to work with any type of pedal
- Hand made in the USA