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Lowtide Overdrive


[About the Lowtide] It sounds so good. Unlike anything else I've ever had. It's exactly what I needed.

Tanner from Amarillo TX

The Lowtide is exactly what I was looking for, it just does 'that thing' that makes my whole rig sound awesome.

Alan from Fairhope AL

[About the Lowtide] Man I love this thing, it really was a great investment.

Jared from Bentonville AR

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New from Seafoam Pedals is the Lowtide overdrive – a different approach than the typical transparent low gain pedal. Being transistor-based, not opamp-based like most overdrives, this pedal boasts unique and smooth gain while adding dimension and fullness to the guitar. The Lowtide features an interesting “focus” control that adjusts the type, placement and intensity of diode clipping for customizable gain shaping.

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Seafoam's Lowtide overdrive give us something new, an original overdrive circuit whose goal is the preservation and enhancement of the tone you're already getting from your guitar and amp. A unique Focus control lets you mix clipping diodes at your leisure for some interesting compression options that will spice up your dirt section.

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New from Seafoam Pedals is the Lighthouse Boost – a feature-rich boost that incorporates a light-up knob and two 3-way switches for a wide variety of useful tones. The gain control switch (Type) selects between clean boost, dirty boost, and nasty boost... With all of these options in such a small pedal, you can easily find your optimal boost tone and save room on your pedalboard!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who builds Seafoam Pedals?

My name is Dave Denton. I personally design and build under the brand Seafoam Pedals. For more info on me, check out my personal site:

Why build pedals?

I believe God is the source of all creativity. He created us to be like Him, in one aspect, by giving us an innate desire to design and build. I’ve always been interested in circuitry; I started college as an electrical engineer and then chose to pursue music instead. Being a guitar player, the first reason I got into building pedals is because I love gear and building it myself was the best way to get it on a tight budget! Now what keeps me inspired is knowing that fellow guitarists will feel the heart and effort I’ve put in when they use one of my pedals. I love that ultimately my creativity in the circuitry will inspire their creativity on guitar.

Why seafoam green?

After a few years of tinkering with pedals (tap tempos, expression knobs, pedal mods), my friend TJ wanted me to rehouse a couple of his pedals into one box and make it seafoam green. The color was perfect - retro and beachy – just like where I live in south Alabama right next to the beautiful gulf beaches. I decided to make a brand of pedals that are recognizable not only by quality, but also by color.

What is the Lowtide modeled after?

I’m a guitar player and the flagship pedal [Lowtide] came out of my search for the perfect low gain drive pedal. It started its life as a simple transistor distortion – a type of circuit I really love because of the way it adds dimension and character without too much gain. After 3 years of edits and tweaks (with the help of some professional guitarists), it now highlights all the best parts of my favorite type of drive. I couldn’t be happier with this unit, and that’s hard to say being the perpetual tweaker I am.

What is your return policy / warranty?

I offer a full refund within 14 days from delivery; even if the reason you want to send it back is just personal preference. If there is any issue with workmanship or you have any other issue please let me know, I will get back to you and I always do my best to make it right.

How can I contact Seafoam Pedals?

Send a Facebook or Instagram direct message, or fill out the contact form below.