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Lowtide Mini

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All the wide open, transparent aggression from the original Lowtide in a smaller footprint! This little tone machine boasts the same transistor overdrive circuit from its big brother, but has a stripped-down feature set for ease of use and pedalboard real estate. The knobs control Drive and Level, having a wide range of gain from clean-ish to sputtery fuzz and enough volume to make your tube amp scream. The Tone switch is like our Lighthouse Boost: down is full-range, middle is mid-range, and up is treble-range. The Lowtide Mini is handmade in southern Alabama, USA with top-quality components including a DeMont soft-click true bypass switch, Burr Brown op-amp buffering, and Neutrik jacks for the best tone and reliability possible.

- Standard 9V operation
- Level and Drive knobs, 3-way Tone switch
- Soft-click true bypass
- Bright white LED status indicator
- Unique transistor-style overdrive