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Trident Overdrive

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The Seafoam Pedals Trident Overdrive is a powerful blending of a classic overdrive and a three-band equalizer. There are three overdrive circuits in this pedal: one for bass, one for mids, and one for treble. Each circuit has its own drive knob, volume knob, and frequency switch. The drive controls go from very clean to an aggressive crunch, allowing different amounts of overdrive on each EQ band. The volume knobs have plenty of headroom to boost or cut like a traditional EQ and the frequency switches select how high or low that EQ band reaches. These controls make it easy to mimic classic circuits or sculpt a very unique tone with a variety of guitars and amps. The Trident overdrive features internal voltage doubling from a standard 9v power supply, easy-action true-bypass switching, and top-mounted jacks. For a unique combination of classic circuitry with modern versatility, look no further than the Seafoam Pedals Trident Overdrive. 

- Handmade in the USA
- Easy-action true-bypass switching
- 3 EQ bands, each with their own volume, drive, and frequency control
- White LED with adjustable brightness (internal trimpot)

- Internal voltage-doubling produces 18v from a standard 9v DC plug
- Top mounted 1/4" and DC jacks
- Unique circuitry and sturdy PCB construction

Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.6"
Current draw: 52mA

Built to order - normally ships in 1 to 2 weeks.