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2-In-1 Expression Knob and Tap Switch

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The Seafoam 2-in-1 Expression Knob and Tap Switch is a space-saving control pedal designed to get the most out of your effects units. Even though this pedal is specifically designed to work with the Line6 Helix family of products like the HX Stomp and HX Effects, it also works perfectly with a variety of others like the Eventide H9. The 2-in-1 even works with pedals that only take one type of controller (expression or switch). In this case, a splitter cable can be used to send tap tempo to one pedal and the expression roller to another.

Line6 Helix Uses:
If there is one effect you turn on and off a lot, and would love the flexibility of adjusting parameters easily while playing, this tiny controller is perfect for your rig. Use it to bring in and out a reverb and adjust the mix to go from dry to ambient on the fly, or use the switch for a clean boost and the knob to swell in extra gain for that solo. A single TRS cable from the controller to the expression input is needed.

Eventide H9 Uses:
The Eventide H9 is a one-sound-at-a-time multi effect that I use for a few different sounds including verb, trem, delay, and chorus. They all sound great, but I have a hard time scrolling through all those presets quickly while playing. There are two buttons on the H9: one for scrolling up (or down, but you have to push the center button to change direction) and the other to activate the selected preset. The 2-in-1 helps me get to presets much quicker by using the switch to automatically scroll up and load the next preset. I can also use less presets because I’m able to adjust any parameter with the knob and get the most out of each sound. A single TRS cable is needed from the controller to the expression input.

Other Pedals:
If you have any pedal that will accept a TS (mono) tap tempo or TS expression (10k value, which is pretty standard for expression), use a splitter cable to split the TRS output from the Seafoam controller to two TS cables. The left/white/tip side is the expression knob and the right/red/ring side is the tap switch.