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Lighthouse Boost
Lighthouse Boost
Lighthouse Boost

Lighthouse Boost

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The Lighthouse boost from Seafoam Pedals is truly dynamite in a small package! It features two 3-way switches for a huge variety of boost options. The "Type" switch is for (1) clean boost, (2) dirty boost, and (3) nasty boost. This allows you to either achieve a clean volume bump or dial in some thickness that a clean boost by itself just can't provide. The dirty and nasty boost settings have a clean blend so your guitar and amp's natural tone isn't masked, just supplemented. The "Tone" switch is for (1) full boost, (2) mid boost, and (3) treble boost. This allows you to shape the final sound, because the tone of a tube amp tends to change as it's boosted into. All of these features together in such a small box is sure to give you plenty of boost options with room spare on your pedalboard! 

- Clear Pot with bright white LED
- Up to 20db of boost
- True-bypass switching
- Two 3-way toggle switches for a total of 9 different boost options
- Tiny 1x3" size saves valuable pedalboard real-estate
- Hand-made in the USA